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What to expect in 2021?

We had a bit of a crazy year in 2020 to say the least....

I'm glad we've made it thus far.

In the words of Future Hendrix.. " Dont get too comfortable"

We've yet to see the true effects of the coronavirus and the economy.

A few things we need to watch out for in 2021...

Big Tech in danger?

Privacy has been a major concern from Big tech companies. These companies have been collecting and using our personal data via our smart devices. This is a huge anti-trust violation and we could see the tech sector suffer greatly from this. Expect to see some dips in prices if you are currently invested in tech.(which I'm sure that we all are)

The housing market??

Although the eviction memorandum extended, the US will eventually have to face the music when this is over. Mortgage delinquencies are double what they were at the beginning of 2020 and I see these delinquencies on rising as we head further in 2021. This will cause a shift in homeownership and I believe that we will see the demand for rentals skyrocket. So if you're thinking about investing in a real estate for rental income... now is the time.

Top cities for the real estate investing

  1. Las Vegas

  2. Miami

  3. Orlando

Hot commodities

As we head further into 2021... we will see more market uncertainty than ever before. As the government simultaneously responds to the coronavirus and the economic effects of the coronavirus, we will see the stock market take a wild ride this year. With that being said, commodities, gold and Cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) will see a lot of healthy growth during these times.

For my next post... I'll discuss the basics of bitcoin and how to safely invest. Stay tuned!

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